Why Organize? Why Join Local 720?

What is a union?

A union is an organization composed in whole or in part of employees, in which employees participate and pay dues, and which has as a purpose the dealing with an agency concerning grievances and conditions of employment.

AFGE is the largest federal union. It represents 600,000 federal workers and some 4,500 DC government workers and monitors issues that impact the federal workforce personal and professional lives such as funding, working conditions, and health care benefits. Agencies with the highest concentration include Department of Defense, Social Security Administration, and Department of Justice. Workplace inspectors, border patrols, VA medical staff, and certain Environmental Protection Agency staff also make up the membership list.

Limited Rights Without a Union

In today's Correctional environment, staff need to join together.  The field of Corrections has changed greatly.  No longer is it us against them.  The Correctional worker often must endure false accusations and hyped up allegations of mistreatment.   You need someone on your side.   Local 720 will enforce the contract and ensure your rights are not violated during an official investigation.  We will provide quality representation if you receive a proposal for discipline. 

Why Join the Union?  At some point in your career you may make a mistake, become the target of an overzealous supervisor or be falsely accused of wrongdoing. 

"Union representation means that you have someone in your corner."  The Union exists to enforce the Master agreement or contract and ensure you have the best possible working conditions for all staff!  Without a contract, staff would have no say in their working conditions.  

The union can prevent unjust and unfair treatment by giving you representation on the job and the right to file grievances if you are treated unfairly.

Benefits for AFGE Members

When you join the union, you have access to these AFGE benefits. These benefits are backed by the collective strength of over 10-million members of AFL-CIO unions. By using one or two of the programs, many members save as much as their annual dues.

These Money-Saving Benefits are Available Only to AFGE Members:


AFGE Rewards
AFGE Credit Card
AFGE Debit Card
Free Credit Report
How To Manage Your Debt
Secured Credit Card—Credit Builder Program
Credit Counseling Program
Union Member’s Financial Safety Net
Identity Theft
Corporate Credit Card for Locals

House and Home

Union Plus Mortgage Program
Real Estate Benefit
MetLife Auto and Home Insurance
Save My Home Hotline
Home Heating Oil Discounts
Moving Van Discounts
Discount Budget Truck Rental
Discounts on Moving Boxes & Supplies
Pet Care Program
Pet Food, Medication and Toy Discounts


Grantham University - 100% Online Degree Programs
Full Scholarship to Grantham University
2012 Grantham Scholarship Winner Announced
Grantham Personal Financial Management Course
2012 Union Plus Scholarship Winners
Union Plus College Test Preparation Course Discount
JNS Scholarship
AFGE's Online Training Program
Powell's, A Union Book Store
2013 Union Plus Scholarship


Dell Computer Discounts
Purchasing Power -- Home Electronics & Appliances & More
Apple Computer Discount

Your Career

AFGE Commuter Benefit
Avue -- Federal Job Search
Retirement Planning Center


Legal Services Program
Your Legal Health
Small Claims Court


Health Club Discounts
Free Prescription Discount Card
Health Savings Program
Discount Dental Services
Hearing Aids Discount Program
Discount Pharmacy Program
Vision Program
Medical Bill Negotiating Service


Flowers Discount
Working Advantage -- Entertainment Discounts
Union-Made Clothing Discounts
AT&T Wireless Discounts
Union-Made Checks


Worldwide Vacation Tours
Theme Park Discounts
Car Rentals
Condo Rental Deals
Union Sportsmen's Alliance

Auto Advantage

Auto Buying Service
MetLife Auto and Home Insurance
Union Plus Motor Club
Firestone Tire and Auto Care Discount
Goodyear Tire & Service Discounts

Law Enforcement

Criminal Justice Degree Program
Professional Liability Insurance


National Executive Council's Policy on Insurance Programs
Union Plus Annuities
NEC Authorized Insurance Programs & Contact Information
How To Implement An Insurance Program
Free Accident Insurance
Term Life Insurance
Professional Liability Insurance
AFGE Life Insurance Program for Locals (Death Benefits)

Local Benefit Coordinator Resources

Organizing Materials
Access AFGE: A Leadership Guide
Newsletter Resources
Local Benefits Coordinator Position

Competitive Review of Union Plus Programs

Toll-free Benefits Line:
(888) 844-2343
In DC: 639-6941

Programs are subject to change.