Worker's Compensation

     The Department of Labor highly recommends all Workers Compensation Claims be submitted through the United States Department of Labor website call ECOMP.  All claims are supposed to be reviewed within four hours of submission.  If you are injured on the job visit the Department of Labor ECOMP Website to register and submit your claim.
     It is imperative that you use the proper forms to get you medical treatment approved and paid for.  You can print the correct forms and follow up on all medical bills 24 hrs a day. 

     The Claimant Query System (CQS) is designed to provide 24-hour access to your case file status; accepted conditions; address of record; compensation claim status; and compensation payments, dates, and periods covered.  The CQS also provides specific information on medical billings, reimbursement requests, eligibility and authorization inquiries.

      Click on the following
ACS Medical Bill Processing Portal link.  Then click on the FECA icon that says Claimant.   For detailed information on the Claimant Query System click the blue.

     All necessary forms are available through the
ECOMP web portal.  However, the Union was informed this is voluntary and employees may still choose to file utilizing the traditional paper method.  Remember to keep a hard copy of all information about your claim in a safe place for future reference.

We have included some useful information about Workers' Compensation.  Just click the links below to learn more.

Need more information about Workers Compensation?  Contact the Safety department or one of your local Union representatives.

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